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This article contains information about the non-canon game, Pikmin: Gold/Silver/Bronze, created by GoldPikPik.
This Pikmin is or has been a Featured Pikmin. For the current Featured Pikmin, see the Main Page.
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A Bronze Pikmin is the first stage its life cycle that includes: Bronze Pikmin (Leaf), Silver Pikmin (Bud), and Gold Pikmin (Flower). All three stages sink in water.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The Bronze Pikmin's body is well, bronze with a normal leaf.


The Bronze Pikmin has a ruby onion outlined with gold.


This Pikmin isn't created the same way as other pikmin are, you have to mine him/her from the Cave of Origin which first appears in the Fanon game Pikmin: Gold/Silver/Bronze. Unfortunatly, the Bronze Pikmin have been trapped inside the walls of the cave. Olimar is nowhere to be found.... who will save the pikmin?

Mine AbilityEdit

The Bronze and Silver Pikmin are the only ones that can use this ability. It is the only way you can obtain more pikmin from the Cave of Origin.

To use this mine ability the Pickmin's leaf on top of its head spins rapidly, and is used as a drill.  This can also be used to drill through weak walls.

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Pikmin: The Return Edit

They have two stems, which have a sticky liquid on them. Only bronze Pikmin can defeat the Slick Rockomoe

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