Curdews (Cure-A-dew) are a type of enemy in Pikmin: Adventurer of Fore. They are fairly common, but easy to defeat. There remains make 15 pikmin, and requires 5 pikmin to carry. Think of it like a Wolf-O from the Legend of Zelda.



This image shows a Curdew in both it's cute and attack forms, it's eye colors, and fur colors.

Curdews look just like dogs with light grey, brown, or beige fur and brown or blue eyes. When you get closer, however, there appearance changes to a Wolf-O like beast with messy fur, sharp teeth, and red eyes. Don't let it's cuteness mislead you!


When you get close to it, the Curdew will attack yore pikmin. It will claw at them to pick them up then eat them. It can pick up a max of three pikmin at a time.

To defeatEdit

Run around it to doge it's claws. Throw pikmin at it, mainly Red Pikmin and Green Pikmin. Don't use Cat Pikmin tho, they are afraid of the Curdew. Keep throwing and dodge the attacks to defeat it.

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