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This article or section contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin Forever, which was created by Scruffy, a user on this wiki.

The Pedestrian Series is a collection of metal objects in Pikmin Forever. These are the smallest, least valuable metal objects in the game, but most of them occur very often. Metal objects with a metal value of 5 can occur many times in the game, often coughed up by defeated enemies or simply lying about. Metal objects with a value of 10 or greater only occur once in the main game. Olimar still has a wealth of notes about the Pedestrian series, since he believes that their ubiquity must mean they had something to do with culture, currency, or language on PNF-404.


NameReal life itemLocationMetal ValueWeightMax.
Ancient Ad-spaceBlank bottle capLuxuriant Lakeside1024
Automaton ChomperBinder clipScalding Thicket1024
Battle-worn HelmetThimbleDaybreak Glade1024
Dream SchematicRusty chain linkForbidding Precipice1024
Droid JawNail clipperReticulate Garden1024
Effort LeechLockout clampForbidding Precipice1012
Elemental EyeWasherAll511
Extreme BulletinMetal pin badgeAll511
Facsimiled ElementCopper coinAll511
Fear FeatherDartScalding Thicket1024
Forlorn FinMetal hair clipBuried Bole1024
Galaxy GlyphPaperclipAll511
Inexorable LinkHose clampBuried Bole1024
Inhospitable DenPencil sharpenerPolished Flatland1024
Predator MaskMetal buttonAll511
Prey MaskSoft drink tabAll511
Providence TotemMetal dieAll511
Puncture PipMetal push pinScalding Thicket1012
Scabbarded GlyphSafety pinAll511
Sea ScytheFishhookAll511
Serpent HoopSplit key ringAll511
Solar IdolJackScalding Thicket1012
Spectral Galaxy GlyphPlastic-coated paperclipAll511
Spurious SnoutZipper sliderAll511
Steering SpearNailAll511
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