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This article or section contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin Forever, which was created by Scruffy, a user on this wiki.

In Pikmin Forever, metal objects play a very important role. In order to maintain the Hocotate ship or KHA Lander in low orbit through the night, their batteries must be charged using units of metal powder as particulate fuel. Thus metal objects must constantly be collected to convert into metal units; getting to explore for another day requires 250 metal units. Since metal objects are so important to collect, they often are only presented after particular challenges, such as environmental puzzles or battles with enemies.

Generally, the greater or better the metal content of the object, the more metal units it is worth. However, not all metal objects are salvaged for units. The members of the Terraformer's Friend Series give upgrades to the leaders' ship, Piktop, or spacesuits; these are listed in bold. One "metal" object, the Peculiar Gemstone, unlocks Pikmin Forever's Challenge Mode.

All metal objects can be found in the real world; Captain Olimar gives them ridiculous names because he is extraterrestrial and does not know the objects' origins. Each metal object has a file in the Metal Index, the sister index to the Piklopedia. With each metal object file comes reflective notes and a doodle or sketch of the object by Olimar.


There are 201 metal objects in the game.

NameSeriesReal life itemLocationMetal ValueWeightMax.
Beacon StaffIntricate Widget SeriesChain of house keysDaybreak Glade50510
Captive ForecastIntricate Widget SeriesThermometerScalding Thicket25510
Conductor BranchIntricate Widget SeriesQuarter-inch audio plugHole of Heat25510
Convening StrongboxIntricate Widget SeriesPadlockEmperor's Crown501015
Director of DestinyIntricate Widget SeriesCompassBuried Bole501020
Disenchanting LensIntricate Widget SeriesMetal aviator sunglassesScalding Thicket50816
Elasmos BeakIntricate Widget SeriesMetal nutcrackerHole of Heat501020
Enchanting LensIntricate Widget SeriesMetal eyeglassesArthropod Sanctum50816
Flame of TodayIntricate Widget SeriesMetal lighterHole of Heat25610
Freight FragmentIntricate Widget SeriesModel train track segmentPolished Flatland251225
Implement of PrecisionIntricate Widget SeriesDrawing compassLuxuriant Lakeside501020
Ink MissileIntricate Widget SeriesMetal penMycelial Burrow25510
Mathematical MarvelIntricate Widget SeriesMetal gyroscopeBuried Bole501015
Metaphysical TomeIntricate Widget SeriesNewton's cradlePolished Flatland2503050
Mystery VesselIntricate Widget SeriesMetal model pirate shipSaturated Temple50715
Ophidian SplineIntricate Widget SeriesShutter dogLuxuriant Lakeside251020
Ornate Nature CharmIntricate Widget SeriesFlower pendantBuried Bole25816
Ornate Soul CharmIntricate Widget SeriesHeart pendantSaturated Temple25816
PhotolithIntricate Widget SeriesCrookes radiometerMycelial Burrow502040
Secluded SparkerIntricate Widget SeriesVacuum capacitorSurge Cave501225
Sopor GaugeIntricate Widget SeriesStopwatchReticulate Garden501225
Spaceworthy HoofIntricate Widget SeriesMetal bicycle pedalDaybreak Glade1002040
Springy SlingIntricate Widget SeriesSlinky®Luxuriant Lakeside501020
Stubborn CircuitIntricate Widget SeriesCarabiner clipForbidding Precipice25510
Temporal MechanismIntricate Widget SeriesPocket watchMycelial Burrow1001225
Tesseract KeeperIntricate Widget SeriesWrist watchEmperor's Crown1001020
Unruly UtensilIntricate Widget SeriesSwiss army knifeLuxuriant Lakeside50816
Ancient Ad-spacePedestrian SeriesBlank bottle capLuxuriant Lakeside1024
Automaton ChomperPedestrian SeriesBinder clipScalding Thicket1024
Battle-worn HelmetPedestrian SeriesThimbleDaybreak Glade1024
Dream SchematicPedestrian SeriesRusty chain linkForbidding Precipice1024
Droid JawPedestrian SeriesNail clipperReticulate Garden1024
Effort LeechPedestrian SeriesLockout clampForbidding Precipice1012
Elemental EyePedestrian SeriesWasherAll511
Extreme BulletinPedestrian SeriesMetal pin badgeAll511
Facsimiled ElementPedestrian SeriesCopper coinAll511
Fear FeatherPedestrian SeriesDartScalding Thicket1024
Forlorn FinPedestrian SeriesMetal hair clipBuried Bole1024
Galaxy GlyphPedestrian SeriesPaperclipAll511
Inexorable LinkPedestrian SeriesHose clampBuried Bole1024
Inhospitable DenPedestrian SeriesPencil sharpenerPolished Flatland1024
Predator MaskPedestrian SeriesMetal buttonAll511
Prey MaskPedestrian SeriesSoft drink tabAll511
Providence TotemPedestrian SeriesMetal dieAll511
Puncture PipPedestrian SeriesMetal push pinScalding Thicket1012
Scabbarded GlyphPedestrian SeriesSafety pinAll511
Sea ScythePedestrian SeriesFishhookAll511
Serpent HoopPedestrian SeriesSplit key ringAll511
Solar IdolPedestrian SeriesJackScalding Thicket1012
Spectral Galaxy GlyphPedestrian SeriesPlastic-coated paperclipAll511
Spurious SnoutPedestrian SeriesZipper sliderAll511
Steering SpearPedestrian SeriesNailAll511
Aged NatatoriumPeculiar Relics SeriesCat food bowlPolished Flatland1002040
Arresting BarbPeculiar Relics SeriesBronze arrowheadReticulate Garden501020
Astrological ReliefPeculiar Relics SeriesMetal dominoPolished Flatland25612
Cold ThresholdPeculiar Relics SeriesEscutcheon plateDaybreak Glade25816
Danger DummyPeculiar Relics SeriesAntique robot toyPolished Flatland25715
Departure ArchPeculiar Relics SeriesHorseshoeLuxuriant Lakeside1003050
Endless RepositoryPeculiar Relics SeriesSardine canSaturated Temple501225
Evolving WindowPeculiar Relics SeriesBelt buckleDaybreak Glade501020
Fortress ReplicaPeculiar Relics SeriesMetal rookEmperor's Crown25816
Fruit of BurdenPeculiar Relics SeriesBell sinkerLuxuriant Lakeside501020
Galvanized FlowerPeculiar Relics SeriesAntique oil canHole of Heat25816
Glorious IntimationPeculiar Relics SeriesRusty star badgeHole of Heat50816
Imperial HeadgearPeculiar Relics SeriesDoorknobFlurry Shelter501215
Insect HomagePeculiar Relics SeriesWind-up keyEmperor's Crown25510
Lustrous ElementPeculiar Relics SeriesGold coinAcoustic Crevasse2501020
Minimalist MasterpiecePeculiar Relics SeriesToilet flush handleSaturated Temple501215
Mirrored ElementPeculiar Relics SeriesSilver coinMycelial Burrow1001020
Monstrous BustPeculiar Relics SeriesMetal frog ornamentCeramic Rift502030
Piquant PouchPeculiar Relics SeriesAltoids® tinReticulate Garden50816
Rust RickshawPeculiar Relics SeriesRusty toy carBuried Bole25612
Shielded SafePeculiar Relics SeriesMetal piggy bankReticulate Garden2502040
Trifling TributePeculiar Relics SeriesSmall trophyBuried Bole1003045
Unknown ThronePeculiar Relics SeriesCandle holderReticulate Garden501530
Venerable MarqueePeculiar Relics SeriesRusty medalSurge Cave501020
Barbaric ExtrusionForgotten War SeriesClub cookie cutterCeramic Rift25715
Blossom SkeletonForgotten War SeriesWhiskCeramic Rift501225
Buffed GangplankForgotten War SeriesSmall butterknifeEmperor's Crown25510
Clandestine CoilForgotten War SeriesSpiral heating elementDaybreak Glade1002030
Concave AccompliceForgotten War SeriesDessert spoonCeramic Rift50715
Confident ExtrusionForgotten War SeriesSpade cookie cutterFlurry Shelter25715
Creature PolarizerForgotten War SeriesSmall strainer headCeramic Rift502040
Cyclone ChaliceForgotten War SeriesSpiral egg holderSaturated Temple501020
De-aberration WandForgotten War SeriesDental mirrorScalding Thicket25816
Energetic ScourgeForgotten War SeriesBottle openerLuxuriant Lakeside25612
Enigmatic AppendageForgotten War SeriesFaucet headCeramic Rift1002030
Four-Pronged MenaceForgotten War SeriesForkCeramic Rift50510
Merciless ExtractorForgotten War SeriesJuicerCeramic Rift1002030
Mineral ExtricatorForgotten War SeriesCorkscrewForbidding Precipice25816
Meteor MittForgotten War SeriesMiniature pie plateArthropod Sanctum25715
Occupied Art-formForgotten War SeriesMetal mortar and pestleCeramic Rift1003560
Razor PlaneForgotten War SeriesFlat cheese graterCeramic Rift1002040
Saccharine ShieldForgotten War SeriesIce cream scoopScalding Thicket501530
Sociable ExtrusionForgotten War SeriesHeart cookie cutterCeramic Rift25715
Surreal ExtrusionForgotten War SeriesDiamond cookie cutterHole of Heat25715
Towering ReservoirForgotten War SeriesWater bottleScalding Thicket2501525
Vorpal PlatterForgotten War SeriesSoda can lidCeramic Rift25715
Aural CamouflageHarmonic SeriesSlide whistleFrozen Fault501020
Emperor WhistleHarmonic SeriesPea whistleAcoustic Crevasse501020
Fort ChestnutHarmonic SeriesCowbellAcoustic Crevasse1002030
Furious MuseHarmonic SeriesOrange desk bellBuried Bole501020
Mixolydian MechanismHarmonic SeriesHarmonicaAcoustic Crevasse501020
Molted MoundHarmonic SeriesBell cymbalAcoustic Crevasse2502030
Orchestral EchoHarmonic SeriesBicycle bellAcoustic Crevasse50816
Persistence of ArtHarmonic SeriesMusic boxAcoustic Crevasse1001020
Pungent AmplifierHarmonic SeriesTrombone mouthpieceAcoustic Crevasse25510
Resonant PoetHarmonic SeriesTuning forkAcoustic Crevasse50715
SeismophoneHarmonic SeriesFlexatoneAcoustic Crevasse501225
Song of SandHarmonic SeriesCabasaScalding Thicket251225
Spouse AlertHarmonic SeriesJingle bellFrozen Fault25715
Steamship FilterHarmonic SeriesMetal kazooScalding Thicket25715
Tremor NarratorHarmonic SeriesTweeterLuxuriant Lakeside501020
Twang DynamoHarmonic SeriesJaw harpAcoustic Crevasse50816
Vowel PlantHarmonic SeriesBulb hornAcoustic Crevasse502030
Brazen FodderUnmarked Ore SeriesSteel woolMycelial Burrow50715
Chirring ChrysalisesUnmarked Ore SeriesRattling magnetsArthropod Sanctum50715
Chroma StoneUnmarked Ore SeriesPeacock oreSaturated Temple501020
DestructicoreUnmarked Ore SeriesPrototype 0.5 kilogramsFlurry Shelter500500100
Dolphin DoomerUnmarked Ore SeriesMeteorite chunkSaturated Temple250612
Fable ArchitectureUnmarked Ore SeriesPaperweightPolished Flatland501530
Frostbitten FrothUnmarked Ore SeriesHematite kidney oreFlurry Shelter502040
Gleam CircletUnmarked Ore SeriesWedding bandFlurry Shelter25510
Glimmering ZigguratUnmarked Ore SeriesSmall gold ingotLuxuriant Lakeside500105100
Glisten GrenadeUnmarked Ore SeriesGlittery ornamentFrozen Fault501020
Hephaestus OrbUnmarked Ore SeriesPinballMycelial Burrow25510
Imitation CondoUnmarked Ore SeriesSculpted metal appleArthropod Sanctum1002040
Trailing NuggetUnmarked Ore SeriesGraphite mineralMycelial Burrow501020
Twinkling TempleUnmarked Ore SeriesSmall silver ingotScalding Thicket500105100
Utter ScrapUnmarked Ore SeriesCrushed soda canArthropod Sanctum501020
Adamantine GirdleThread of Life SeriesLugnutSurge Cave25510
CornerscopeThread of Life SeriesFlare fittingSurge Cave25510
Immortal BugThread of Life SeriesWingnutForbidding Precipice2536
Indisposed GirdleThread of Life SeriesRusty nutSurge Cave2536
Inquisitive FastenerThread of Life SeriesEye screwFlurry Shelter25510
Iridescent SprocketThread of Life SeriesPatina gearMycelial Burrow501225
Massage GirdleThread of Life SeriesFlat lugnutSurge Cave1001020
Omega FlywheelThread of Life SeriesRusty gearForbidding Precipice501530
Pillar of FlairThread of Life SeriesAllen key socket head screwScalding Thicket2536
Pillar of InnovationThread of Life SeriesAuger bitForbidding Precipice25715
Regal RotorThread of Life SeriesCrown gearForbidding Precipice501225
Skewed SprocketThread of Life SeriesWorm gearHole of Heat501020
Spirit FloggerThread of Life SeriesRusty gearForbidding Precipice501225
Superstrong StabilizerThread of Life SeriesShiny boltFlurry Shelter501015
Blazing GreenhouseIndustrial Idol SeriesSmall handheld lanternForbidding Precipice25050100
Candid LanceIndustrial Idol SeriesFlathead screwdriverHole of Heat1002040
Chilling EffigyIndustrial Idol SeriesHammer headBuried Bole2503550
Endless OverpassIndustrial Idol SeriesTape measureFrozen Fault1002040
Forged ErosionIndustrial Idol SeriesMetal fileLuxuriant Lakeside501525
Fortified BlossomIndustrial Idol SeriesWatering can headDaybreak Glade251525
Fortified LeafletIndustrial Idol SeriesTrowl headReticulate Garden502040
Fortified RhizomeIndustrial Idol SeriesGarden fork headMycelial Burrow502040
Immutable TongueIndustrial Idol SeriesLarge shovel headDaybreak Glade50075100
Master's MandibleIndustrial Idol SeriesBattery clampDaybreak Glade502550
Molecule MolarIndustrial Idol SeriesHole punchLuxuriant Lakeside1001525
Mystical DudIndustrial Idol SeriesSpark plugSurge Cave251020
Olympus ColumnIndustrial Idol SeriesBunsen burnerHole of Heat1002040
Power PuppetIndustrial Idol SeriesMonkey wrenchForbidding Precipice25050100
Progress's ArmIndustrial Idol SeriesCombination wrench/spannerLuxuriant Lakeside1001525
Relic PrinterIndustrial Idol SeriesMetal staplerFrozen Fault1002040
Alien LexiconUltra-Technology SeriesTelevision remoteEmperor's Crown1002040
Anisotropic PodUltra-Technology SeriesVolume dialArthropod Sanctum50611
Calculation ConsultantUltra-Technology SeriesHandheld calculatorReticulate Garden501020
Data WaferUltra-Technology SeriesCircuitboard segmentFrozen Fault25816
Fossil ChamberUltra-Technology SeriesMetal computer mouseSurge Cave251525
Fugitive of GravityUltra-Technology SeriesMagnetic globeSaturated Temple2503050
Ghostly GeneratorUltra-Technology SeriesWireless phone chargerFrozen Fault502040
Glutted DatabaseUltra-Technology SeriesTabletSurge Cave25050100
Memory CraniumUltra-Technology SeriesMetal thumb driveFlurry Shelter50816
Metadata GluttonUltra-Technology SeriesSmartphoneScalding Thicket1001020
Moment BlockUltra-Technology SeriesDigital clockFrozen Fault502545
Portable SunburnUltra-Technology SeriesFlashlightFlurry Shelter1002550
Spellbinding SliverUltra-Technology SeriesCompact discReticulate Garden501020
Splenetic SwitchboardUltra-Technology SeriesRed guitar-effect pedalArthropod Sanctum1002040
Tornadic DriveUltra-Technology SeriesComputer fanForbidding Precipice1001530
Bump ButtonEvocabits SeriesSuper Smash Bros. bumperSaturated Temple501020
Cryptic ArtilleryEvocabits SeriesNES ZapperArthropod Sanctum252550
Crystallized HeartEvocabits SeriesLegend of Zelda Heart containerEmperor's Crown1002040
Explorer CodexEvocabits SeriesPikmin discEmperor's Crown25715
Familiar VesselEvocabits SeriesToy Blue FalconSurge Cave501530
Master Beacon StaffEvocabits SeriesLuigi's Mansion spade keyFrozen Fault501525
Pearly ImpostorEvocabits SeriesNintendo 3DSPolished Flatland501530
Reticent PipingEvocabits SeriesF.L.U.D.D. nozzleArthropod Sanctum1002040
Safety ChimeEvocabits SeriesSuper BellMycelial Burrow50816
Sound SplatterEvocabits SeriesStudio HeadphonesLuxuriant Lakeside1003050
Stoic EdificeEvocabits SeriesHogan's Alley canForbidding Precipice1001530
Stone of StressEvocabits SeriesMetal BoxDaybreak Glade50100100
Velocity HoarderEvocabits SeriesBullet-Bill-shaped bulletEmperor's Crown501530
Defection HoopTerraformer's Friend SeriesTungsten ringEmperor's CrownUnlocks Scorch Guard2040
FeatherbrickTerraformer's Friend SeriesTin foil ballCeramic RiftUnlocks Rush Suit510
Fried FraudsterTerraformer's Friend SeriesSmall Teflon frying panScalding ThicketUnlocks Anti-Electrifier2040
Hypernova ForceTerraformer's Friend SeriesSpring boltArthropod SanctumUnlocks Rocket Fist2040
Ignition CourierTerraformer's Friend SeriesRemote car keyReticulate GardenUnlocks Scalding Thicket612
Ironclad ComradeTerraformer's Friend SeriesRobot toyPolished FlatlandUnlocks Metal Suit Z2040
Nocturnal NoisemakerTerraformer's Friend SeriesAlarm clockSurge CaveUnlocks Postponer105100
Saluted SourpussTerraformer's Friend SeriesHocotate shipForbidding Precipice25001000100
Scan-singing ScrutatorTerraformer's Friend SeriesGarrett® metal detector wandBuried BoleUnlocks Metal Gauge4080
Tweet CompassTerraformer's Friend SeriesSamba whistleDaybreak GladeUnlocks Dodge Whistle2040
Vocal Nova BlasterTerraformer's Friend SeriesMicrophoneAcoustic CrevasseUnlocks Mega Tweeter2550
Vortical PortalTerraformer's Friend SeriesCamera shutterSaturated TempleUnlocks Burst Lens3050
SOGNOTerraformer's Friend SeriesSOGNO space roverSunset Islet10000N/AN/A

Other sources of metalEdit

Metal objects are the primary, but not the only means of collecting metal. Nuggets of gold and other metals appear in all areas except the Sunset Islet, and function just like gold nuggets in Pikmin 3. Every day in each area, nuggets of metal respawn in a new part of the area, so that the area is never emptied of metal.

Enemies also have some metal in them; a few enemies have a great deal of metal due to their size or metal composition. Using the Piktop, Pikmin can be told to take a fallen enemy back to the ship instead of the Onion, to salvage it for metal rather than Pikmin seeds. Metallic enemies are usually more valuable for their metal than their seed worth.

Although the SOGNO is technically the most valuable metal object in the game at 10000 metal units, it is only collected during the final cutscene: its value has no effect on gameplay.

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