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This article and/or image relates to the Non-Canon Game, Pikmin: The Winds of Light, created by EmperorRagingLongLegs.

The Royal Wraith's Palace is the second cave in The Lost Isles. It is partially based on the Royal Jelly Palace from Spiral Knights.


Sublevel 1Edit

A rather short, straightforward path. It has two statues of the Royal Wraith. There are also two Royal Bulborbs.


Sublevel 2Edit

There are five paths. Each one except the middle one goes to a boss. There is also a geyser in the center. When entering an arena, the gate closes. After beating a boss, a gate opens to a 10-weight switch, which opens a gate at the middle path. All the bosses need to be beaten in one playthrough of the hole in order to go to sublevel 3. After that, you can skip the 4 bosses.


Sublevel 3Edit

There is an arena, and several dungeons. There is a gate that turns all of your Pikmin purple temporarily. In the arena, there is a force field surrounding the Royal Wraith and his throne. You have to go through several rounds of fighting. The Royal Wraith drops two treasures: the Circle of Regality and the Doomsday Device. The dungeons open, allowing you to get Bulbmin to convert into Purple Pikmin so you can pick up the Doomsday Device.

Round 1Edit
Round 2Edit
Round 3Edit
Round 4Edit
Round 5Edit
Round 6Edit



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